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Convention Registration & Accommodations

For resolutions to be voted on at the convention, click here (pdf)

For information about Accomodation, click here.


To register for the 2017 OHA Convention, click here to download the registration form (pdf, 3.1MB, opens in a new window). Please note that the registration form is to be printed and sent in, WITH PAYMENT, to the OHA Convention Registrar, Barb O'Malley at the address indicated.  Electronic registration forms WILL NOT be accepted this year.

Please note: If you are also signing up for a bus tour, a Bus Waiver Form (pdf) (doc) needs to be completed by each participant and sent in with your Convention Registration.

***New price on lunches for Friday and Saturday***

The registration form has been changed to reflect the price of $37 for the boxed lunch. We recognize that this is still steep. Boxed lunches will be eaten in the plenary ballroom.

District 5 wanted to go with the boxed lunch to make sure everyone got a lunch, and you could get to your bus tours on time. Please note, any non-air-conditioned bus tour will use a school bus, and no food is allowed on the school buses for safety reasons.

    The boxed lunch will contain: 
    • Raw vegetables
    • Your choice of tuna salad, egg salad, or grilled vegetables and hummus sandwich, on artisanal bread
    • One piece of whole fruit (in season), or a fruit salad
    • One fresh baked cookie- likely double chocolate
    • Assorted soft drinks, coffee, and tea


The convention takes place at the Sheraton Parkway North (Highway 7 and Leslie Street), in York Region. Click here for directions. Click here for a Google maps view of the area.

  • The complex includes a Best Western Parkway Hotel, room rates $99 per night
  • Room rates for the Sheraton $129 per night
  • Free Parking!!
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • The convention rate has been set up in their system already.  Please call the in-house reservation department directly in order to get the OHA convention rates.  The toll free number is 1-800-668-0101
  • When booking your accommodation you can ask for a $10 buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant (this is not part of registration, it is best to book with your accommodation). The hotel will now allow you to order breakfast at $10 when you check-in. However, once you have checked-in, you cannot ask for this $10 breakfast.


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