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You made the plans in the dark months of winter, scanned catalogue after catalogue for ideas and sources, haunted local garden centres, and hauled tons of soil, gravel, compost and mulch. You endured - in succession - frozen fingers, cold rains, black flies, mosquitoes and deer flies. You battled against mildew, aphids, black spots, sawfly larvae and slugs. You picked and pruned and coddled. Now it's time to take pause. Forget the pond algae, the purslane and the earwigs for the moment. It's time for the reward part of gardening. Sit in your favourite chair. Sip a drink. Listen to the birds singing their appreciation of your efforts.

What could be better? Sharing it all with another gardener.

We've created Gardenshare on the OHA web to help you do just that. In My Garden is a selection of photographs from gardeners across Ontario - people who have shared the same joys and torments you have. In My Neighbourhood is a place to record community projects and programs.

Do you have something you would like to share with other Ontario gardeners? Submit your digital photographs as an email attachment with a caption (25 words or less) to Photographs in print or slide form can be scanned to create digital files. If your are submitting a project with multiple photographs, please also provide a 100 word (maximum) description.


Photography selected for Gardenshare will be displayed both as a smaller thumbnail and as an enlargement. Ideally, your original digital file should be in JPG format. The file should be smaller than 500 kB.

Need help? Check with computer or photo buffs at your local Society or District for assistance.


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