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Event:Brock's Botanical Garden Tour
Start Date:July 7, 2018
End Date:July 7, 2018
Time:10:00am to 04:00pm
Description:Self-driving tour of 8 magnificent Gardens in Brock Township. Moss bedecked wood, specimen trees and garden art are three of the themes running through this dazzling collection of 8 properties. From mature, magazine-worthy estates, to work-in-progress cottage gardens the tour features an enviable array of plants, settings and hidden surprises. The longevity of our gardens is written in the trees, all those beeches promise 300 years of green pleasure and benefit. Garden art takes many forms and locations while weathered wood becomes an exquisite tapestry of lichens and moss. Shade and sun are balanced, play and peace are embraced, formal and relaxed settings explored and an encyclopedia of plants are celebrated. The Cannington Horticultural Society maintains all civic green spaces in Cannington and Sunderland and donates thousands of dollars and nearly 3000 hours in time every year. Please join us for this fund-raising event and support our work while enjoying the stunning garden treasures of Brock.
Location:* locations throughout Brock Township
Contact Name:Marg
Society Name:Cannington Horticultural Society
Category:Garden Tour

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