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OHA Committees

Active throughout the Province

The Ontario Horticultural Association is an ever-changing tapestry of local Societies. Some have been existence since the nineteenth century. Others are brand new. Every one is different. OHA's province-wide activities are guided by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. The Board includes Directors from each of OHA's 19 Districts. Directors are elected by Society members in that District.

Association policies and direction are set at the Annual Convention, held in late summer each year. Committees of the Board are established to carry out these directives. If you have questions about any of the committees described here, please contact the committee chairperson or your District Director for more information.


OHA Committees

Annual Report

Chair: Nancy Serrick/Malcolm Geast


Chair: Malcolm Geast.

Community Initiatives

Chair: Suzanne Hanna


Chair: Roland Craig

Arts: Donna Hussey

Creative Writing: Sandra Hartill

Photography: Russ Talbot

Publications: Shirley Robson

Flower Show: Kathryn Lindsay /Penny Stewart

Web Shell: Jeff Blackadar

Youth Competition: Anna Peterson/Jane McDonald/Roland Craig

Conservation & Environment

Chair: Carol Dunk.

Members: Suzanne Hanna,  Dr. R. Simmons

Constitution, By-Laws and Resolutions

Chair: Russ Talbot

Members: Sandy Rakestrow

Constitution and By-Laws


Chair: Shirley Robson 

Director's Manual

Susan Lusted/Sandy Rakestrow


Jeff Blackadar/Kelly Taylor

Fundraising and Merchandising 

Chair: Rose Odell

OHA History Book II

Chair: Malcolm Geast.

Judges Registrar

Chair: Sharon Nivens.

Judge's application to join the OHA judges list

Judging Schools

Coordinator:  Jim Mabee

In Memoriam

Registrar:  Marilyn Cox


Long-Range Planning

Jeff Blackadar


Carol Spraggett

Newsletter Trillium & Communications

Editor:  Bernice Green

Nominations /Elections

Chair: James Graham

Partners and Associate Members

Chair: Carole Spraggett

Promotion and Publicity

Chair: James Graham.

Seedy Saturdays

Chair: Suzanne Hanna

Speakers List

Chair: Don Matthews.

Member: Vicky Taylor-West

Speaker registration form


Chair: Don Matthews

Volunteer Hours

Kathryn Smith


The web committee administers the OHA web site and e-mail addresses. It also answers technical questions from member Societies about the operation of the web site.

Chair: Jeff Blackadar. Members: Mike Dunk, Malcolm Geast, Susan Lusted,  Don Matthews. Contact the web committee at:

Documents web shell manual
Garden Ontario web site Event Publishing Agreement
Expand Your Garden Ontario Web Presence Agreement



Chair: Harry Wyma/Kelly Taylor

Outreach Programmes

     CNE Association, Flower/Vegetable Show Coordinator

Dave Money via Carol Dunk

     District 4 Rose Odell 

Peterborough Garden Show

District 5 Nancy Serrick/Malcolm Geast
Canada Blooms Toronto 
 Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto
 Get the Jump on Spring, Toronto Botanical Gardens   
District 6 Donna Hussey
Hamilton Gage Park Mum Show
Royal Botanical Gardens
District 10 Roland Craig
Stratford Garden Festival, Stratford
Western Fair Home and Garden Show London
International Plowing Match
Dr. Robert Simmons: Ontario Invasive Plant Council
Suzanne Hanna: Seeds of Diversity
Heinke Theissen: Successful Gardening Show
Carol Spraggett: Successful Gardening Show, Kids in the Garden
Carol Spraggett: Communities in Bloom



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